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Gun Ranges

Custom Gun Ranges

If you’ve decided to build a customized gun range, Casada Homes and Remodeling is your ideal contractor. We employ commercial grade building techniques along with the latest design practices to give you a gun range that is functionally superior and exceptionally comfortable.

The Casada Homes and Remodeling team, led by fourth generation and award-winning builder, Garrett Casada will work closely with you throughout the entire process. From design to final zoning and permitting you’ll have a gun range that meets your specific needs. With Casada Homes and Remodeling your gun range is ACES builders warrantied which means the work is done with fairness and honesty according to the high standards and rules of the ACES Program and its provisions in the Builder Limited Warranty and Performance Standards.

Our team is committed to providing you with an outstanding price and unmatched service – and we’ll do it within your budget and timeline.

We have two office locations: in Brenham (10600 Herrmann Lane) and Houston (The Buckley Building at 9225 Katy Freeway) for convenient personal meetings. Give Garrett a call on his mobile phone (281) 960-9178 and schedule an informal meeting to learn more about a custom gun range.